We’re living through extraordinary times, yet 2020 has shown me that we can navigate these challenging twists and turns by working together.

The CIM team has embodied the phrase culture eats strategy for breakfast, yet again. Through their strength, resilience and hard work we have been able to help our clients throughout the pandemic.

Here are my highlights from a year we will never forget:

  • Safety – The safety of our team and their families is of paramount importance. We’ve taken measures this year to help ensure their safety and thankfully we have not experienced any losses due to Covid. We extend our sincere condolences to those who have.
  • Relationships – We’ve always prided ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients, which were further strengthened by close collaboration during multiple lockdowns. We are humbled by the trust our customers continue to place in us to help make their operations more efficient and resilient.
  • Growth – This year we have grown our revenue 2.5 times, rolling out PEAK across a raft of new sites, with many more to onboard in 2021.
  • Team – This year, we have welcomed nine new members to the team globally and are actively hiring for five more positions. Early next year we expect to add another 13 team members
  • Product – Engagement with our PEAK platform has increased significantly as our product team transforms client feedback into new features.
  • Expansion – Our EMEA team has achieved excellent results with a number of multinational manufacturers, confirming my belief that PEAK is also a game-changer for markets outside of commercial real estate.

The pandemic has demonstrated three things in the real estate sector: the importance of innovation, the speed at which the it can be embraced, and how vital it is to future proof our built environment

I’d like to thank you for your unwavering support this year, and wish you a safe, healthy and happy festive season. Here’s to a successful 2021!



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