CIM Enviro’s ACE Platform is leading the way in fault detection and building optimisation, according to a report by the CSIRO.

The results of the report “Evaluation of Next-Generation FDD Tools for Commercial Building Energy Efficiency” were presented by the CSIRO’s Dr Josh Wall, as he opened the Speaker Series at ARBS 2018.

In compiling the report the CSIRO undertook a rigorous and systematic independent evaluation of the potential benefits of automated FDD (fault detection and diagnostics) solutions delivered as a managed service in Australia. It recognised CIM Enviro’s ACE Platform as a leader in the industry.

“Using CIM Enviro, we have achieved a seven half-star jump for $48,000 Opex, but most impressively, for no Capex expenditure” – Associate Director | Asset Management, NSW

Highlights of the report:

With Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems attributed to 40-50% of commercial building energy consumption (46 Mt CO2-eq. p.a.) in Australia, FDD tools and services are driving energy savings and emissions reductions, in addition to improved maintenance practices and outcomes from commercial building HVAC systems and more recently other building energy systems.

Studies suggest that virtually all buildings have some sort of HVAC operational problems, and the vast majority of buildings are not carefully tuned or commissioned.

It is estimated that performance degradation, improperly tuned controls and malfunction of HVAC systems and equipment wastes up to 16% whole building energy.

An independent evaluation of FDD and ongoing commissioning tools and techniques in the United States demonstrated average energy savings of 10%, with as much as 25% in some cases, and found the median normalised cost to deliver commissioning for existing buildings was ($3.20/m2) with a payback time of 1.1 years.