Predictive maintenance brings better decision-making, better planning and increased profits for your commercial real estate portfolio. A third of all maintenance activities are carried out too frequently – and nearly half are ineffective.

CIM Enviro’s ACE Platform is a software solution that allows for predictive maintenance by turning data into actionable insight that enables commercial real estate owners to make data-driven decisions.


From Reactive To Proactive

With the massive amount of data that can be churned through on a daily basis, properties can shift from a reactive approach to a proactive one, where issues are identified before they turn into major problems.

Instead of having to guesstimate when the part will be obsolete, or hope to catch it through regular monitoring, predictive analytics and sensor-triggers can tell you when to replace a part, which even contributes to  reductions in planned downtime.

Manufacturers have long been translating and interpreting data for decision making, particularly to identify parts that need immediate replacement. This has historically led to preventive maintenance which, replaces parts before the end of their useful life.

The data analysis carried out by CIM Enviro’s ACE Platform enables facility and property managers to pick up on issues that otherwise could cause a major failure.


Less Downtime, Lower Costs And Happier Tenants

Our analysis can identify an issue in a component, which can be optimised, repaired or replaced immediately without inconveniencing occupants. If the system reached the point of failure, it could mean significant downtime – causing discomfort to occupants and higher replacement costs. As an added benefit, root cause analysis can be completed on the failed parts showing what triggered the failure. The system can then be adjusted to reduce the risk of it happening again.

Using data analytics to drive activities, the maintenance contract can be re-written to attend only assets and components that show signs of poor performance. The approach allows maintenance teams to streamline activities due to reduced ad-hoc callouts and zero investigation time. Reducing the need for manual inspections saves time, resources and money, freeing budget which can be allocated to investment in repairs and upgrades.

Proactively addressing issues has also been found to reduce tenant complaints. At one of the properties where the ACE Platform is providing facilities managers with the predictive regime, year on year call rates showed that temperature related complaints have fallen by 32%, with a subsequent fall in cost to respond.

Predictive maintenance is changing the face of manufacturing and, with current initiatives showing significant time and cost saving, smart Commercial Property owners are following closely on its heels.

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