What is your role at CIM?

To grow our global business exponentially as we deliver incredible economical and environmental cost savings and extended asset lifespan for our clients in Manufacturing, Property, Retail and Transportation.


Why did you join CIM and what do you enjoy about the proptech industry?

I joined CIM first and foremost because of the calibre of people within the team. It was clear this was a company that places great emphasis on work life balance and helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. Matched to that was an innovative data analytics solution for customers seeking improvements on capital planning, energy consumption, and asset lifespan. Working for a company with a vision to contribute to a reduction in the world’s carbon emissions was also very appealing to me personally.


What are the main challenges you see building owners and operators face?

It differs by region and industry and for buyer persona. If we look at the EMEA manufacturing industry as an example, they already have enough monitoring systems telling them what’s wrong with their assets. So, what they really need is a single solution for fault prediction and detection that spans all their assets, that is proactively triaged for them (by the CIM customer success team) with the relevant contractors engaged to provide the necessary fix. CIM delivers all of this, along with the added bonus of significant cost savings on their energy usage


How has lockdown and social distancing impacted CIM’s clients and how have CIM been able to support them through this period?

Our customers were hit badly by the lockdowns, almost every sector we worked with had complete or partial closure of the property. We tried to anticipate what the lockdown landscape would look like, in advance of government announcements and then worked proactively with clients to help them pause or close down certain assets so their costs were kept to a minimum. Our clients appreciated the extra effort and unlike many of their suppliers, they continued with our service right through the lockdown period.


In your experience, what surprises CIM customers the most when they start using PEAK?

Often, it is how quickly issues are detected and rectified compared to their usual cadence. Issues can go undetected for weeks or months, whether it’s a bank of solar panels not working or a room heating up with no obvious cause and with the combination of the CIM PEAK software and our Customer Success team, these can be spotted within hours and rectified before they become a bigger issue.


What is your favourite part of your job?

Listening to first-hand feedback from clients on how their jobs have been made easier by CIM. In one of my early client calls, the third day after I joined, I was pleasantly surprised to hear one of them say ‘We love you!’ I don’t think many vendors hear those words from their customers too often.


What trends do you see emerging in the built environment?

A recent survey by Savills, on what younger workers want, found that the green rating (environmental performance) of their building was most important to them, ahead of free snacks, games rooms and a gym! This will encourage building developers and owners to pay increased attention to the sustainability of their assets and the impact it will have on all their stakeholders.


When you are not working, what is one thing you love to do? 

Only one thing? Well right now I would love to be standing on Hill 16 in Croke Park, watching the Dublin Gaelic Football team take the field. It’s something I took for granted so often, but now I really miss it and can’t wait for the day it returns. 


Now that lockdown is ending, where are you off to on your next holiday? 

I would hope to plan a family trip somewhere in Europe, perhaps a small Greek island with no mobile reception.

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