Cost reduction in a time of crisis – five simple tips for airports

COVID-19 has hit airport operators and airlines hard, and there is no telling when business will get back to normal. As foot and air traffic plummets and international airports start shutting down completely, airport operators are under immense pressure to cut costs and ride out the turbulence. CIM’s David Walsh suggests some quick and easy wins to be found in the airport plant room that will help slash unnecessary operational costs and build future resilience.

The big bad world of Building Analytics and what to look for

The core function of a BMS is to control hundreds of pieces of plant, equipment and lighting, yet recently, BMS providers have started adding ‘building analytics’ modules to their offering. When you consider the purpose of a BMS is to control a building, not to analyse its performance, it becomes obvious why these analytics solutions also come up severely wanting. 

Unissu’s interview with David Walsh – Using data to add value to commercial assets

In this time of digital transformation, where customers demand more, competition is rife and multi-directional, and asset value is dictated by a wider variety of factors than ever before, buildings have, it could be argued, grown more fragile still. Especially when you throw in the current state of the climate, and real estate’s immense responsibility in controlling the situation.

Shopping around

By using data more intelligently with the help of building analytics, shopping centre operators are discovering how to quickly improve the operational performance of their assets and channel the savings into delivering a better shopping experience.

What building analytics can teach us about the Mona Lisa

Precisely controlling environmental conditions takes an entirely new perspective when it comes to protecting the condition and longevity of precious artefacts in museums. CIM engineer Arghya Sen discusses how some of the old ways of environmental control in museums are being replaced by a new and more sustainable way of thinking.

2019: A ‘Greta’ moment for Real Estate

David Walsh, Founder and CEO As I reflect on 2019, it's encouraging to see just how rapidly the property sector is transforming. People are starting to care more about climate change as they become more aware of, and unfortunately experience themselves, associated...

Eating your own dog food

I’m not sure how many people in the property industry have experienced how software is made and the roles within a software development team. As the founder of a building analytics company, I certainly have, and I can tell you that everyone in a company like mine...

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