Unleash the power of your building data with PEAK.

CIM’s powerful PEAK platform integrates building intelligence, machine learning and technical engineering support to improve efficiency, sustainability and comfort across sites and property portfolios.

Building analytics

PEAK combines existing building data, machine learning and automation to give you more visibility and control over your assets, helping you to facilitate a collaborative and transparent workflow and quickly resolve issues.

Artificial intelligence

Our data science team uses PEAK to automatically collect, monitor and analyse historical and live building data, leveraging algorithms to pinpoint, highlight and prioritise inefficiencies and provide you with actionable insights.

Technical engineering support

Our world-class mechanical, mechatronic and electrical engineers work with you to simplify and accelerate the end-to-end process of fault detection, diagnosis and problem resolution. We are there to provide you with around-the-clock advice on how to optimise your building site and portfolio performance.

Understand your portfolio performance

PEAK tracks how your entire building portfolio is performing, giving you a powerful macro and micro view of performance status, progress and any outstanding issues. Now you can manage your building operations with data-driven insights and a clear understanding of how your assets are performing and what you need to do to achieve peak performance.

Our customers

CIM’s unique approach to building analytics means we can quickly and easily uncover the root cause of your problems and get them resolved. We are trusted by leading Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), super funds, governments, cultural institutions and major property portfolio owners and operators to help them operate their portfolios at peak performance.

QICGRE Retail Portfolio

QICGRE Retail Portfolio

Discover how QICGRE, a major diversified alternative investment firm, uses CIM’s building analytics platform to optimise property operations across its retail portfolio.

GPT Retail Portfolio

GPT Retail Portfolio

Find out how GPT uses PEAK to maximise the operational efficiency of eight shopping centres within its retail portfolio.

Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC)

Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC)

Download QIC’s sustainability report to find out how they collaborate with us to increase efficiency, sustainability and shareholder returns across a portfolio of 22 shopping centres.

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