Award-winning ACE platform

Our innovative solution unleashes the power of existing building data, machine learning and automation to give property owners and operators more visibility and control over their assets. 

  • Simplifies and accelerates the end-to-end process of fault detection, diagnosis and problem resolution 
  • Automatically collects and monitors live building data, leveraging algorithms to pinpoint, highlight and prioritise inefficiencies 
  • Facilitates a collaborative workflow with stakeholders to resolve issues 
  • Provides visibility and insight into site and portfolio performance.

Machine Learning

CIM Enviro’s data science team augments existing technology and human intelligence through advanced analysis of the ACE Platform’s historical and live building data, finding actionable insights. 

  • Leverages data to achieve faster and better incident management, insight and predictive analysis
  • Enables customers to undertake advanced prediction and modelling tasks, including forecasting, risk analysis, benchmarking and zero emission goals.



    ‘Always-on’ Engineering 

    CIM Enviro’s world-class mechanical, mechatronic and electrical engineers leverage the ACE platform to provide customers with continuous expert capability across every site and portfolio. 

    • Our engineers have created over 1000 engineering algorithms which continuously analyse live building data from every client site to rapidly identify anomalies 
    • Advanced engineering support ensures issues are rectified in an effective and timely manner, achieving peak building performance.

        Setting you up for peak performance

        Data-driven maintenance

        Our smart and simple real-time fault identification and diagnosis details the location, root cause, cost impact and specific solution for each fault. There’s no longer any need to wait for onsite human expertise to diagnose problems, or risk of human error.   

        Extended equipment lifespan

        Our drill-down capability highlights ways to optimise the way you run your equipment to improve its performance, run it more efficiently and avoid costly equipment replacements and repairs.

        Reduce energy, smaller bills

        CIM Enviro leverages already-existing building data to optimise building operations and asset management. The result is reduced energy, less maintenance and repair costs and a better outcome for your wallet.

        NABERs improvement and protection

        By reducing waste and consumption, you can bring down your carbon emissions and increase the environmental sustainability of our planet. Buildings with a smaller environmental footprint are good for the world, attractive to tenants and investors and achieve better environmental ratings. 


        Proactive tenant comfort

        The ACE platform has a proven track record identifying system issues that will lead to tenant complaints before they even occur. This allows you to carry out pre-intervention to quickly fix issues and keep your tenants happy.

        Increase your environmental rating.


        The ACE Platform enables you to predictively control your facility asset landscape saving you money, time and energy.

        Installing smart technology on your building unlocks untapped value found in already existing building data. By increasing and leveraging  your analytics capability, you are able to add value to the lifespan of your assets, introduce strategic and ESG reporting and  improve your environmental rating, all while benefitting the environment. 

        Buildings with a smaller environmental footprint are good for the world, attractive to tenants and investors and achieve better environmental ratings. 

        ACE Products

        ACE Energy

        Real-time NMI analysis of energy consumption and demand.

        ACE Maintenance

        Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD); Tracking, analysing and reporting on your building performance.

        ACE Comfort

        Live heatmap of tenant zones to monitor and ensure tenant comfort.

        ACE Commissioning

        Identify and report on faults during the Defects Liability Period (DLP).

        ACE Contractor

        Vendor management; track monthly BMS and mechanical contractor performance.

        Optimising building performance for efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

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