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A Practical Guide to Improving Your NABERS Rating

Actionable strategies for building optimisation that you can implement today!

A Practical Guide to Improving  NABERS rating
Ways to improve NABERS

This guide includes:

  • A quick refresher on NABERS
  • Why a high NABERS rating is important
  • The two paths to energy efficiency – operational improvements versus capital expenditure
  • Practical and easy-to-action BMS control strategies to drive operational efficiency at your building or portfolio
  • A case study on an office asset that increased its NABERS rating from 0 to 5 using building optimisation strategies

A detailed guide on boosting your sustainability performance via building optimisation.

Commercial building owners and managers have a golden opportunity to cost-effectively drive efficiency through optimisation of their plant and equipment. In this guide, CIM’s industry-leading engineers offer practical ways to use your existing equipment more intelligently.

These BMS control strategy reviews will you help to identify and resolve operational inefficiencies and can be easily implemented all year round. When combined with robust building analytics data, these initiatives have the potential to yield distinct efficiency gains, driving your NABERS rating skyward.

Discover our top strategies to optimise your building today!