A powerful building analytics
platform to drive efficiency,
comfort and sustainability

CIM’s building analytics platform integrates building intelligence, machine learning and technical engineering support in a way that is smart, simple and transparent.


See a uniform data set across all buildings


Improve operational decisions based on the facts


Understand the impact of inefficiencies in building management


Empower all stakeholders to be more visible and productive

Smarter building operations deliver better outcomes

Increased asset profitability

Extended equipment lifespan

Technical engineering support

More collaborative teams

Improved tenant comfort

Energy & OPEX savings

Better environmental ratings

Data-driven maintenance

Reduced carbon emissions

“PEAK keeps our contractors honest. The platform will identify faults independently and allow our building managers to ensure we are getting the best out of contractors. And that can save significant dollars.”

– Bill Jenkings, Director, Kyko Group

“From the outset, CIM has been a pleasure to work with. The onboarding process was well managed and efficient, and they were responsive to our needs and requests. The reports from each building have been valuable, with the facility managers and association stakeholders seeing the benefits. I appreciate CIM’s flexible approach, including how our feedback is incorporated. We look forward to continuing the strong relationship we have with the CIM team and getting our buildings to that next level of efficiency.”

– Christina Hughes, Sustainability Manager, Abacus Property Group

“Brisbane Airport Corporation was pleased to engage CIM to assist with delivering energy savings, optimising building performance and improving our operations through data-driven decisions.”

– Ken Hughes, Head of Airport Facilities, Brisbane Airport Corporation

“It was hard for us to really measure our energy efficiency so that’s where CIM became useful for us. They are the experts in understanding how changes in the operation of buildings directly affect NABERS.”

– Bill Jenkings, Director, Kyko Group

“By using the PEAK platform we now have the technology to optimise building performance. We can challenge contractors on what they are doing and hold them to account”

– Mike Foxall, Student Roost Head of Estates

The platform integrates with our existing systems and helps us get the most from our contractors. The data really helps us to better address our tenants’ air-conditioning complaints.”

– Facilities Manager

“CIM enables us to implement portfolio-wide standards for energy, water, and waste. We can identify issues and opportunities for improvements across all sites that make significant savings and give us procurement at scale”.

– National ESG Manager

The platform provides estimated savings for each recommendation which helps prioritise repairs and makes decision-making easier.

– National Operations Manager

CIM awarded CSIRO’s “Best in Class” in an independent evaluation of building analytics technologies from Australia, the USA and Canada.

Building Analytics

Are your buildings wasting money, energy and time? Large buildings are complex and costly to manage. One big part of that challenge is running the plant and equipment responsible for maintaining temperature, air quality, ventilation and overall tenant comfort. CIM’s building analytics platform is a smart, simple and transparent way to get your building and the people involved in running it operating at peak performance.

Sustainability and Efficiency

CIM empowers you to operate your buildings as efficiently and sustainably as possible by giving you the data insights you need to optimise your energy consumption and slash carbon emissions. Our building analytics technology makes it easy to improve and track environmental performance across your building portfolio, obtain better ratings and deliver on your environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments to drive value for shareholders and tenants.

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