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About our Founder

Armed with a vision to optimise the performance of buildings through advanced data analytics, David Walsh has come a long way to turn his ambitious vision into reality with the founding of CIM. Now a flourishing company driving transformational change, here is the story of how it came about.

Early life

David grew up in Templemore, a town in Ireland’s County Tipperary. The Walsh family boasts a long and proud history of running businesses in their native Ireland for over 200 years. David’s father was a civil engineer and his mother a pharmacist. While growing up, his parents instilled in him the importance of education, honesty, and pursuing one’s passion. Their focus on business integrity and ambition were hugely influential on his business journey.

David studied a Bachelor of Computer Science at Griffith College in Dublin. He then worked across Ireland and Germany as a Systems Engineer for Fortune 500 companies SAP and Intel, and as a Director of Technical Services for a design, building and property company.

Making the move

David fondly recalled his early experiences backpacking through Australia. So, with his wife’s support, David quit his job and emigrated the family to Sydney in 2009. With two young children and just $5,000 to his name, it was a daring move, but one filled with promise. In search of new opportunities and a better life, David’s wife and children embraced the Australian adventure as economic migrants. Arriving with nowhere to live, they managed to rent a leaky apartment and scrounge up furniture that had been left out on the street.

Birth of an idea

With an interest in property and sustainable energy consumption, David found a job as a commercial manager in environmental hardware, software, and consulting services. Before long, David’s affinity for problem-solving sparked a lightbulb moment. He spotted a ‘black hole’ in the way energy data was being used within buildings, prompting the need for technology and automation to drive efficiency. He identified that companies were data-rich but information poor, and there was no focus on finding or fixing the root cause of wastage.

In 2015, he started CIM, bootstrapping the company with only $1,300 in capital and a fierce desire to bring his vision to life. David and university colleague Colin Cullinan, with a background in systems architecture, built the first iteration of CIM’s revolutionary software. Working at night stuffing satchels for a freight company, David worked tirelessly to refine the early product and sold it door-to-door during the day.

Determined to grow CIM the non-traditional way, David built the product and revenue stream well before bringing in more people and venture funding. It was this dedicated ‘founder mentality’ that developed a fierce resilience and passion that reverberates around the present-day company.

Beacon of talent

As the vision became closer and closer to fruition, David was able to share his passion to secure some of Australia’s best and brightest talent – people who had already enjoyed huge success in their own right but felt captivated by David’s vision. Galvanised around a common purpose, David has been able to curate an impressive team of highly experienced industry professionals. The leadership team consists of ex-Atlassian Anton Mazkovoi, ex-Xero Aaron Dustin, ex-Bain Janine Lee, ex-SafetyCulture Howie Mann, ex-Johnson & Johnson Paul Walsh (David’s equally accomplished older brother), and an army of industry leaders spanning software engineers, marketers, HR, and customer success professionals.

CIM of today

Now a well-established start-up, CIM has continued to go from strength to strength. At the centre of CIM’s proposition is the PEAK Platform – a powerful building analytics tool that collects, normalises, and analyses data from complex building systems. The platform integrates building intelligence, machine learning and technical engineering support to improve economic and environmental outcomes for owners, tenants, and the community.

David and the team have developed valuable partnerships with building owners and operators all over the world – across commercial, retail, airports, museums, and manufacturing facilities. CIM’s customer base spans large Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), super funds, government, cultural institutions and more.

As a founder, David believes the key to success is to find a market niche that demands to be filled. Believe in your vision, swallow your pride, and do whatever it takes to bring your dream to life. Secure the best talent to help you on your way and, importantly, enjoy the journey.

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