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CIM is a team of experts who are passionate about making buildings better for owners, tenants and society.

“I love helping young companies to grow, especially ones that are developing groundbreaking, environmentally positive technology.”

– Anton Mazkovoi, CTO

“At CIM we improve tenant conditions and save energy whilst also ensuring the property owner gets the building that was designed for them. As a results-driven person, I love proving how beneficial we are to the client.”

– Antonious Mickaeal, Head of Engineering

“I’m a huge advocate for climate change initiatives and have spent my career delivering solutions that cut CO2 emissions. Seeing new technologies, such as CIM’s PEAK, being embedded in buildings gives me hope that real change is possible.”

– Paul Walsh, MD, EMEA

“I know that building analytics technology has the capacity to move the dial in terms of CO2 emissions from the built environment. Working directly with our clients, I see the efficiency and cost savings daily as we work together to implement PEAK’s recommendations.”

– Cillian Casey, Head of Engineering, EMEA

Our leadership

David Walsh, Founder & CEO

David was inspired to create CIM because of the ’black hole’ he observed in the way data was being used within buildings. Companies were data-rich but information poor, and finding or fixing the root cause of wastage was a major challenge. Leveraging his combined experience in computer science, energy efficiency and the property industry, David built an innovative solution to prove the idea that making better use of existing data could improve building performance. Prior to moving to Australia, David worked in Ireland and Germany as a systems engineer Fortune 500 SAP and Intel, and as a director of technical services for a design, building and property company. He has a bachelor of computer science from Griffith College in Dublin.

Anton Mazkovoi, CTO

Anton is passionate about building world-class software engineering teams and making globally renowned products. He was Atlassian’s first full-time employee in 2003 and helped create its flagship JIRA team collaboration platform. Throughout his career building SaaS, mobile and on-premises products, Anton has played a role in helping young companies such as Atlassian, SafetyCulture and IRESS and now CIM to grow and shape a business that contributes to improving the environment. As Chief Technology Officer, Anton is responsible for the creation and development of CIM’s award-winning PEAK platform.

Aaron Dustin, CIM Chief Design Officer

Aaron Dustin, CDO

Aaron joined CIM as he believed helping to address climate change in practical terms was one of the most compelling things he could possibly work on. As Chief Design Officer, Aaron works across Product Design, Brand Strategy and Creative and ensures that design thinking and customer centricity are deeply embedded in our culture. Aaron brings an incredible wealth of experience having previously been Head of Design at Xero globally, where he established the internal brand design team, created a world class UX research team, and grew the Product Design team to 50+ staff.

Howie Mann, VP of Product

Howie was drawn to helping CIM solve the big challenge of energy efficiency and automation across the global built environment. As the VP of Product, Howie drives CIM’s product roadmap and strategy to help building owners and operators achieve peak performance for their assets. Previously, Howie established and led Customer Acquisition and Onboarding at B2B SaaS company SafetyCulture, and prior to that had a career in investment banking at Macquarie Bank and Commonwealth, specialising in capital raisings, M&A and advising technology companies.

Janine Lee, VP Operations Success

Janine Lee, VP of Operations

As VP of Operations, Janine leads the PEAK Platform Customer Success function and technical analytics team to ensure that our customer’s priorities come first. Janine draws on her deep experience driving business value for top tier enterprise clients as a former management consultant working across Australia and Asia. She is passionate about building digital and technology businesses, having also been a COO of a fast-growing ecommerce brand, and an advisor to E-health and Enterprise SaaS businesses. She holds an MBA from London Business School and a Double Bachelors in Law and Commerce from the University of New South Wales.

Paul Walsh, General Manager EMEA

Leading CIM’s European expansion, Paul joined CIM with a passion for combating climate change and how disruptive technology has the ability to remove barriers to delivering demand-side energy savings for large property owners in a very short time frame. Prior to joining CIM, Paul led the Johnson & Johnson Ireland Energy Team, delivering over 15,000MT of CO2 reduction programs and also working on several sustainability initiatives. With 20 years of industry experience in delivering energy savings, Paul is a Certified Energy Manager with a Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Manufacturing Technology and an MBA from the University of Limerick.

Elisha Foust - Head of Sales

Elisha Foust, Head of Sales

Elisha joined CIM because working with a group of people who share her values on sustainability, diversity and inclusion is incredibly important to her. As Head of Sales, Elisha is responsible for revenue and pipeline generation, sales strategy and refining our overall go-to-market approach with marketing and customer success. Elisha brings a huge amount of sales and operations experience having previously worked at Teradata in several leadership roles and AT&T. Elisha holds a PhD in Ethics from Royal Holoway, University of London and a Masters in Critical Methodologies from Kings College London.

Alicia Garner, Head of People Operations

Alicia Garner, Head of People Operations

Alicia joined CIM because she wanted to help drive change and make a significant contribution to reducing the impact on our environment. As Head of People Operations, Alicia is responsible for identifying, developing, motivating and retaining the people that make up the world class teams at CIM. Alicia brings a significant amount of human resources and organisational experience having previously worked at Bain & Company, Grosvenor Group and Janus Henderson Investors.

Neil Clark - Head of Marketing

Neil Clark, Head of Marketing

Neil joined CIM because as a mission driven marketer he felt a strong alignment with our goal of significantly improving sustainability in the built environment. As Head of Marketing, Neil is responsible for increasing our brand awareness and demand generation pipeline, marketing strategy and refining our overall go-to-market approach with sales and customer success teams. Neil brings a wealth of global marketing experience having previously worked in London, Singapore and the USA for DHI Group in various Senior Marketing roles. Neil has a Bachelor of science in Business Administration from Cardiff University, UK.

Our board

David Wright


David is a C-suite leader of organisations that combine technology, research and innovation practices to solve global challenges. He is also a board member, advisor and investor in companies spanning education, research, agriculture and the environment.

David Walsh

Founder, CEO, Director

David is the founder and CEO of CIM. Prior to that he worked in Ireland, Germany and Australia as a systems engineer and consultant for SAP and Intel, and as a director of technical services for a design, building and property company. 

Phillip Cronin

Non-Executive Director

Philip is an accomplished sales, marketing, M&A and joint venture executive who has worked extensively in the Asia Pacific region. He is currently Director of the APAC Partner Sales Group at Adobe and is also a member of the Irish Governments Enterprise Ireland trade advisory board.

Shane Mattiske

Shane Mattiske

Non-Executive Director

Shane is an established strategy and commercial advisor who holds a depth of experience leading major organisations in the sport and media sectors. He is motivated by exploring how innovation can unlock value in commercial deals.

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