What We Stand For

Our vision

Our vision is to be the world leader in building analytics software, making it easy to operate large buildings at their peak operational performance, to deliver economic and environmental benefits for shareholders, tenants and society.

Our mission

Rapidly scale the organisation and deliver on our revenue targets by executing our objectives to grow new business, excel in existing business and evolve our company.

Our team is guided by four key principles:

Optimal customer outcomes

We exist to help our customers maximise the value of their assets for shareholders, tenants and their communities.


We believe that better building management requires real-time access to reliable information about what’s really happening.

Technology innovation

We are committed to driving digital transformation through automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve perfectly optimised buildings that are largely self-managed by owners and operators

Peak performance

We are committed to helping our customers achieve peak operational building performance by working collaboratively with them to set new benchmarks for building management that realises better economic and environmental outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Story

Why Do We Exist?

In 2013 CIM founder and CEO David Walsh was working as a commercial manager in environmental hardware, software and consulting services. He was inspired to create CIM after observing that granular data from existing equipment and sensors were not being captured and used to run buildings more efficiently. Companies were data-rich but information poor, and there was no focus on finding or fixing the root cause of wastage. Leveraging his combined experience in computer science, energy efficiency and the property industry, David built an innovative solution to prove the idea that making better use of existing data could improve building performance. He secured seed funding and hired a world-class team and together they built a powerful building analytics platform that collects, normalises and analyses key data from complex building systems. The platform integrates building intelligence, machine learning and technical engineering support to improve economic and environmental outcomes for owners, tenants and the community.

CIM powers resource-efficient and environmentally responsible buildings by providing data-driven insights to maximise operational efficiency and rapidly reduce energy consumption across building portfolios. Peak performing buildings with smaller carbon footprints achieve better sustainability ratings, meet their environmental, social and governance goals, and deliver long-term value to shareholders and tenants.

Why is this important?

Large buildings and manufacturing facilities play a vital role in the community, involve thousands of stakeholders and have high daily foot traffic. They are also complex to operate. Managing the equipment that maintains the temperature, air quality, ventilation and overall comfort is challenging, and when things go wrong, large penalties can follow.

What we do

CIM transforms building operations by combining building analytics, machine learning and technical engineering support into real-time, data-driven insights. We empower owners and operators to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their portfolio to improve asset value, tenant comfort and sustainability. Our customers include large Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), super funds, government, cultural institutions, Fortune 500 companies and major property and manufacturing portfolio owners and operators.

“I love helping young companies to grow, especially ones that are developing groundbreaking, environmentally positive technology.”

– Anton Mazkovoi, CTO

“At CIM we improve tenant conditions and save energy whilst also ensuring the property owner gets the building that was designed for them. As a results-driven person, I love proving how beneficial we are to the client.”

– Antonious Mickaeal, Head of Engineering

Our Values


We are curious & courageous. We seek out problems while being open and passionate in getting results


We take ownership and deliver on our word. We make your problem our problem.


We positively challenge and support each other and our clients to deliver our shared goals


We leave our egos at the door, and are receptive to feedback


Our relationships with our clients and each other are built on trust, open communication, honesty and respect


We can only be the best version of ourselves by finding time to look after our health and wellbeing

We are inspired by diversity, driven by inclusion

It matters to us that each of our colleagues comes to work every day with curiosity, drive and a sense of purpose.

We are a forward-thinking culture that fosters non-negotiable qualities—like respect, integrity and trust. Every day we welcome all perspectives, strengths, skills, creeds and genders because we know that diverse ideas breed extraordinary results.

CIM’s corporate sustainability goals

Delivering CO2 reduction is in our DNA.  As a business CIM is committed to becoming carbon neutral from our scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by 2030.  We will achieve this by reducing the electrical and gas consumption of the office spaces we occupy.  We are determined to practice what we preach and ensure that as we grow the CO2 footprint of our business activities goes to zero

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