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What is your role at CIM?

I am the VP of Operations (Customer Success).

Why did you join CIM, and what do you enjoy about the PropTech industry? 

I joined CIM in August 2020 because I was excited about building world-class SaaS technology solutions that meet real business needs in one of the most critical sectors in our economy.

I’ve really enjoyed my experience within the PropTech industry. It’s great being able to have a tangible impact on something that we all have direct experience with.

What are the major challenges you see that building owners and operators face?

A common one I see is the challenge of managing operational budgets with limited control on key expenditure items, such as energy and maintenance costs. Without the visibility and transparency of information around how energy and maintenance spend is being influenced, smart operational and capital planning is almost impossible. That is just one area where CIM’s PEAK Platform is helping to make a difference. 

In your experience, what is the first benefit CIM customers get when they start using PEAK?

It is the simplicity and effectiveness the PEAK Actions Workflow solution has in aligning multiple stakeholders in a complex delivery environment. Building owners, Facility Managers and contractors are likely to have differing incentives, which can cause inefficiencies. With support from our Customer Success team, our PEAK Actions Workflow tool facilitates collaboration and, in doing so, helps align stakeholders to achieve positive operational outcomes. 

What is your favourite part of the job? 

My favourite part is twofold. On the client side, I enjoy watching them witness the power of our PEAK platform, including the workflow solution, for the first time. Their newfound ability to uncover information about how their core equipment is performing along with the added visibility they gain into the building’s operational activities provide an intangible connection for me.

Secondly, it is a privilege to work alongside our world-class engineers who are incredibly talented and 100% dedicated to driving client outcomes. 

What trends do you see emerging in the built environment?

As our emergence out of COVID-19 continues to gain momentum, I think we will see new trends that are wide and varied come to the fore. 

Beginning with the commercial sector, I see the future of the workplace centering around tenant experience. The challenge for our office spaces will be about managing physical distancing requirements with interpersonal connectivity while also balancing flexible and remote working. 

Within the retail space, the importance of customer experience will again be prominent. These spaces are becoming places to meet and gather once more. Again, we need to mix this with health and safety requirements!

When you are not working, what is one thing you love to do?

I enjoy spending quality time with family. Cooking is also a passion of mine where I use it as an avenue to express creativity regularly. 

What is something people would be surprised to find out about you?

I don’t have an engineering background! I have spent a large part of my career as a management consultant working in Australia, Asia and the UK advising on strategy and operations. 

As the leader of our Customer Success team, my job is to ensure that we drive outcomes for our customers, which is where this experience has held me in good stead. More likely than not, our customers’ priorities link back to business value, with our technology working in tandem with our Customer Success team to deliver that. 

Now that we can travel again (sort of), where are you off to on your next holiday?

I really enjoy my yoga, so I’m keen to book myself into a retreat!