Transform your airport operations for peak performance

The airport challenge

‘‘An airport can have 25 chillers and hundreds of air handling units spread across terminals’’ 

Airports are incredibly complex operating environments, presenting many challenges for onsite teams responsible for managing a vast amount of disconnected technology and equipment such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.With little visibility and control over the entire system, it is very difficult to:

    • Understand the root cause of HVAC issues such as excessive cooling or heating – it could take hours or days to identify the problem. 
    • Adjust HVAC performance to reflect peaks and troughs in airport terminal foot traffic – equipment is typically operating at full intensity all year round regardless of demand, causing high energy and operational costs.
    • Achieve sustainability goals or carbon reduction targets cost effectively – expensive green energy options are often purchased rather than optimising existing equipment to find inefficiencies.

At least 60-70% of an airport’s operational budget is consumed by HVAC and up to a third of that is often wasted on poor HVAC performance. Optimising these systems and equipment for peak performance can lead to significant energy and cost savings.

Data driven airport operations with CIM

CIM provides a low-risk, low-cost strategy to improve airport performance quickly and easily, by making smarter use of existing terminal building data.

The PEAK platform is a fast-to-deploy software as a service solution that delivers speed to value with no upfront costs, backed by the support of a world-class building services engineering team.

What our customers say

Brisbane Airport Corporation was pleased to engage CIM to assist with delivering energy savings, optimising building performance and improving our operations through data-driven decisions.

– Ken Hughes, Head of  Airport Facilities, Brisbane Airport Corporation

The partnership with CIM has enabled us to achieve best practice across our portfolio faster than anticipated.”

-Scott Crellin National Director, Retail Property Operations, The GPT Group

Scheduled maintenance checks and servicing is now a thing of the past as CIM data helps us determine precisely when and where maintenance is needed.”

Damien Stacy, National Capital and Planning Manager at QICGRE

Excellent communication and support. CIM has been integral to Highpoint meeting its sustainability targets.

Megan Engelhardt, Building Services Manager at The GPT Group

CIM keeps our contractors honest. The platform will identify faults independently and allow our building managers to ensure we are getting the best out of contractors. And that can save significant dollars.

Bill Jenkings, Director, Kyko Group

Customer benefits


Best in class fault detection and diagnostics

Every 15 minutes, PEAK automatically scans and collects live HVAC data from each terminal and applies rules-based algorithms across this data to instantly detect, diagnose and prioritise live faults for resolution. By continuously monitoring this data and flagging any issues in real-time, PEAK helps to prevent equipment breakdowns while improving the condition and expected lifespan of equipment.


Greater team collaboration and accountability

PEAK provides operations teams with visibility into all HVAC equipment performance across the entire airport to facilitate faster and smarter decision-making based on a clear understanding of the facts. Transparent workflows make it much easier to hold teams and contractors accountable. Our engineers provide around the clock support, helping manage contractors on your behalf to free up more time and resources.


Immediate energy and cost reductions

PEAK facilitates agile terminal operations by providing real-time tracking of energy consumption, equipment performance and thermal comfort data across each terminal. Onsite teams can now safely adjust HVAC operations in response to fluctuations in foot traffic and outside weather conditions, without compromising thermal comfort for airport visitors and restaurant and retail tenants.


Cost-effective sustainable operations

PEAK helps you reduce the carbon footprint of each terminal by ranking real-time emissions saving opportunities by their emissions reduction potential. Prioritise maintenance activity around the most energy intensive faults to facilitate immediate energy and cost savings.  


Capital expenditure planning

The platform identifies opportunities to scale back existing assets to their most energy efficient state and delay potential unnecessary and expensive capital investments in renewables or green power.


Proactive maintenance model

PEAK’s active fault monitoring and prioritisation of issues enables onsite teams to shift from a reactive to a proactive, data-driven maintenance model. By using data to streamline HVAC & BMS contracts, you can save up to 70-90% of BMS maintenance costs and up to 40% on mechanical systems maintenance costs.