Transform your commercial building operations for peak performance

The commercial operations challenge

It is not always easy operating large commercial buildings and striking the right balance between tenant comfort, environmental sustainability and profitability. It’s particularly difficult if you have little to no oversight into how the systems and equipment critical to running your buildings are performing, and what you can do to improve overall performance.

Without this visibility, commercial building owners and operators struggle to:

    • Decrease operational and energy costs
    • Drive transparent workflows with vendors and contractors
    • Manage disparate and legacy systems 
    • Maintain a high level of tenant wellbeing, health and safety 
    • Respond to board, public and market pressure to improve and maintain environmental ratings across building assets.

The key to solving all of these challenges lies in your ability to unlock the performance data stored within your building and then use it to optimise operations.

What our customers say

CIM keeps our contractors honest. The platform will identify faults independently and allow our building managers to ensure we are getting the best out of contractors. And that can save significant dollars.

Bill Jenkings, Director, Kyko Group

Scheduled maintenance checks and servicing is now a thing of the past as CIM data helps us determine precisely when and where maintenance is needed.”

Damien Stacy, National Capital and Planning Manager at QICGRE

The partnership with CIM has enabled us to achieve best practice across our portfolio faster than anticipated.”

-Scott Crellin National Director, Retail Property Operations, The GPT Group

Excellent communication and support. CIM has been integral to Highpoint meeting its sustainability targets.

Megan Engelhardt, Building Services Manager at The GPT Group

Digitise your commercial building operations with CIM

CIM makes building optimisation easy and accessible by giving you visibility and control over building performance.

The PEAK platform integrates building intelligence, machine learning and technical engineering support to improve operational efficiency, tenant wellbeing, sustainability and asset profitability.

Customer stories

Increasing NABERS rating from zero to five

Successfully reducing peak energy demand



Enhance operational efficiency

PEAK helps you achieve smarter and faster outcomes by simplifying and accelerating the end-to-end process of fault detection, diagnosis and problem resolution, facilitating a collaborative and transparent workflow with stakeholders, and providing visibility and insight into site and portfolio performance.


Deliver a sustainable portfolio

PEAK helps you achieve your goals cost-effectively by offering simple, data-driven insights to improve the sustainability of your portfolio such as the kilowatt per hour reduction for every pound, euro, or dollar you spend on improving building performance by prioritising efficient operations and smarter capital planning.


Prioritise tenant health and wellbeing

 PEAK monitors thermal comfort conditions across all zones, floors and tenancies of a building in real time and flags any areas of a building that do not fall within a desired thermal comfort range. The platform diagnoses the root cause or piece of equipment causing the issue and how to fix it  before it leads to a tenant complaint or costly energy bill.


Increase the value of your assets

PEAK adds value to your assets by getting your building to peak operational and environmental performance, pinpointing risks and opportunities, and protecting improvements and subsequent savings through continuous monitoring.