Transform your shopping centre operations for peak performance

The shopping centre operations challenge

Retail has faced many new challenges over recent years, forcing shopping centre operators to find new ways to enhance the customer experience, meet tenant expectations, deliver more value to property owners and cut costs. 

Operations teams are under pressure to:

    • Attract and retain retail tenants in a competitive environment
    • Deliver an excellent and safe shopping experience for customers
    • Reduce energy and operational outlay
    • Manage workflows for multiple contractors and vendors
    • Control a mix of old and new complex equipment and systems 
    • Be agile and responsive to varying levels of foot traffic

Discover how building analytics can quickly improve the operational performance of your assets so you can channel the savings into delivering a better shopping experience.

retail centres optimised

million m2 continually monitored

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What our customers say

The partnership with CIM has enabled us to achieve best practice across our portfolio faster than anticipated.”

-Scott Crellin National Director, Retail Property Operations, The GPT Group

Scheduled maintenance checks and servicing is now a thing of the past as CIM data helps us determine precisely when and where maintenance is needed.”

Damien Stacy, National Capital and Planning Manager at QICGRE

Excellent communication and support. CIM has been integral to Highpoint meeting its sustainability targets.

Megan Engelhardt, Building Services Manager at The GPT Group

CIM keeps our contractors honest. The platform will identify faults independently and allow our building managers to ensure we are getting the best out of contractors. And that can save significant dollars.

Bill Jenkings, Director, Kyko Group

Managing your retail portfolio just got a lot easier

Centralise, track and improve the performance of your shopping centre or portfolio with the market leaders in retail optimisation.

CIM’s building analytics platform PEAK analyses the operational effectiveness of your plant and equipment and delivers fast and accurate insights to you and your team for greater visibility and control over asset performance. 

Customer stories

Improving the performance of the GPT Group Retail portfolio

Find out how GPT uses building analytics to maximise operational efficiency across eight shopping centres within its retail portfolio.

Facilitating modern building management

Successfully reducing peak energy demand



Build resilience and mitigate risk

Position your real estate portfolio to absorb market shocks and continue to deliver long-term returns by streamlining building operations and expenditure.

Don’t waste time and money endlessly troubleshooting problems. Deliver a consistent heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) service for your retail tenants by deploying a data-driven maintenance approach and monitoring equipment performance in real time.


Shift to agile and strategic building operations

 The platform enables you to scale your HVAC operations up or down in response to key factors such as foot traffic, opening hours and weather conditions. By providing a detailed analysis of building usage and load patterns, you can safely adjust plant and equipment time schedules to match demand and streamline costs.

Cut costs even further by leaning on CIM’s data science team to optimise Opex and Capex spend across your portfolio.


Deliver an excellent customer experience

 Use PEAK to understand the thermal comfort rating in each store and identify any inconsistencies. If an area is either too hot or too cold it is nearly always caused by a fault in the HVAC system. PEAK will help you resolve any thermal comfort issues before they become a retail tenant complaint. 

Providing an enhanced shopping centre experience helps lift the value of your asset and increase investor returns. 


Achieve ambitious net zero and sustainability targets

Attain your net zero and sustainability targets cost effectively with granular, data-driven analysis. 

Uplift portfolio environmental ratings such as NABERS by tuning and optimising existing building systems and tracking performance improvements down to the second decimal place. Gain a clear understanding of how your assets measure up, with real-time competitor benchmarking analysis in PEAK.