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The Life Sciences Challenge

Operating high-tech life sciences facilities efficiently and sustainably is challenging. Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Biotech plants all have many factors that adds pressure to onsite teams:


  • Achieving GMP compliance in validated areas as efficiently as possible
  • Increasing operational costs which increases cost per item made
  • Limited CAPEX budget
  • HVAC issues causing unplanned production downtime
  • Heavy reliance on contractors
  • Difficulty tracking and improving contractor performance (FM/BMS/M&E)
  • Headcount restrictions for energy management and other non-core activities 
  • Aggressive publicly quoted corporate CO2 reduction goals
  • Difficulty identifying best ROI and CO2 reduction projects
  • Energy price rises

Building operations teams recognise the potential to achieve site efficiencies and improve environmental performance by optimising existing plant and equipment, yet they lack yet the data, expertise, resources and time to do so.

Smart, simple solutions

CIM’s building analytics solution provides a simple, smart and transparent way to operate large high-tech facilities at their peak performance. Our PEAK platform provides a low-risk, low-cost strategy to lift site performance quickly and easily by making smarter use of existing data to optimise HVAC equipment. 

  • Fast to deploy software as a service
  • Delivers speed to value with no upfront costs 
  • Dedicated 24×7 technical engineering support for every site
  • “Best in Class” root-cause detection, analysis and resolution 

Optimising life sciences facilities performance

PEAK simplifies and accelerates the end-to-end process of fault detection, diagnosis and problem resolution.

  1. Automatically collects and continuously monitors live and historical building data from your building management system (BMS) and HVAC equipment and sensors including chillers, boilers, air handling units, fan coil units and cooling towers.
  2. Aggregates this information into a uniform and transparent dataset then applies rules-based algorithms across it, customised for your site, to pinpoint, highlight and prioritise HVAC system and equipment inefficiencies in real-time.
  3. Our team of mechanical, mechatronic and electrical engineers help you prioritise, understand and implement PEAK’s insights to optimise equipment performance. CIM’s collaborative and transparent end-to-end process helps you achieve faster and smarter outcomes to optimise your site and set a new benchmark in operational and sustainability practices.



CIM looked at 4 key challenges for the high-tech life sciences manufacturing industry and outlined how the PEAK Platform could solve these.

Download the factsheet that interests you.

    Factsheet - compliance with indoor environmental conditions at your facility

    “The building management system represented dark data for us. I never had the ability or resources to dive in under the hood. CIM unlocks the data from our BMS and other sources, applies building analytics across it and provides us with the performance and engineering insights we need to implement operational improvements really quickly and without any capital outlay.”

    Facility & Energy Manager, Global Technology Manufacturing Company, Ireland

    How to enhance your building management system with PEAK


    How to optimise life sciences facilities performance with building analytics


    Ten-steps to ISO50001 Energy Management Standard certification with building analytics

    Customer benefits

    CIM has a proven track record of making smarter use of existing equipment and system data to give you visibility and control over site performance, and deliver ongoing value over the lifetime of your site.

    Improve site efficiency to increase profits

    On life sciences facilities where profitability is tied to cost per item made, everything needs to operate as reliably and efficiently as possible to reduce operational expenditure and drive down item costs.  

    PEAK helps you unlock operational and energy savings within six to eight weeks by optimising the efficiency of your HVAC systems, then continuously monitoring and verifying these savings for you.

    Achieve environmental commitments and building standards

    PEAK helps you meet your corporate sustainability goals and CO2 reduction targets by reducing the carbon footprint of your manufacturing site and improving its environmental performance. You can use PEAK to ensure site compliance with building or energy management standards such as LEED, WELL, GRESB, BREEAM and ISO50001.

    Smarter capital expenditure decisions

    Capital expenditure decisions should be based on fact-based insights, not manufacturer recommendations. PEAK helps you resolve HVAC issues in real time and ensure optimal equipment performance, leading to longer asset life cycles. Spend less on fixing and replacing non-core equipment and systems to allocate more of your capital expenditure budget to upgrades of critical production equipment instead.

    More on efficiency


    Faster problem resolution

    PEAK makes unplanned site downtime and last minute contractor call-outs a thing of the past. It pinpoints HVAC faults in real-time and helps you resolve them quickly before they start affecting site productivity.


    Greater team collaboration and accountability

    PEAK’s live fault dashboard creates transparent workflows with BMS and maintenance contractors so you can manage and track performance. Our customer success team of engineers work with you to ensure your contractors are adding value where and when it is needed most. 


    Improved thermal comfort

    Indoor comfort levels can directly impact site productivity and performance. PEAK identifies the necessary HVAC requirements to deliver the ideal thermal comfort for onsite personnel and reduce hot and cold complaints.

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