Engage your people with real-time data that helps to measure & optimise your equipment.

– Barry O’Sullivan, VP of Manufacturing, J&J Vision Care

Our strategy to carbon neutrality is cut, convert & compensate – energy efficiency is key.

– Ronan Coffey, Global Energy Manager, Boston Scientific

What we can measure, we can manage so data analytics has an important role. 

– Daniel Murray, Reporter, Business Post

View the recording and hear the panel discuss best practices to cost effectively achieve your CO2 reduction targets and how to leverage building data analytics to develop a roadmap.  Learn more about industry best practices and expect to hear about:

  • What type of initiatives manufacturing plants are  implementing to  deliver CO2 reductions?
  • What are the major challenges (time, resources, capital) to tackling CO2 reductions and how can site leadership overcome them?
  • What are the key considerations or best practices used when developing CO2 reductions strategies
There definitely is a financial risk in not addressing climate change and not keeping up with the goals of becoming carbon neutral.

– Rachael McGinley, Head of Sustainability, CBRE

Doing nothing is the biggest threat we face. Use the data the site is generating to optimise what you have and do more with less. 

– Paul Walsh, General Manager – EMEA, CIM

In terms of decarbonisation – efficiency is the first step the next stage is technology and reducing your CO2.

– Jeff Power, Programme Executive Large Business, SEAI